Winter's Gate Upcoming Meetings and Events

The following is a list of baronial events for the upcoming months. When more details are known, they will be either listed here, on the Yahoo Groups list-serve. Any questions about any upcoming events, what to expect, what to bring and any transportation issues should be directed toward the list. If you'd like to know what is going on in the rest of the Principality (the State of Alaska), please visit the Principality's Event Calendar. All are welcome at these events, and if you have questions or need clothing or other gear, please contact the Chatelaine, the Seneschal or the autocrat of the activity.
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Weekly Fighter Practices - ___[CHECK E-List/Facebook for Current INFO]___ From 1:00pm til 5pm (or later) at University Park Building (UAF) on University Avenue. Go around the back and into the Gym. Non-fighters Always Welcome, bring a snack, a project or just yourself!

In Winter, location is the University Park Building ('round back in the gym, U-Park Building, University Ave, Fairbanks). In Summer, at Growden Park on Wilbur Street. -Subject to change due to Weather and availability.

Recurring Monthly Events

Business Meetings - Last Tuesday of each month, -- See e-list for location.
. Check list-serve.

Arts and Sciences - 3rd Sunday of the month, at Fighter Practice. See A & S page for Competition information!
Note that the Yahoo E-group list will maintain current schedules if they change suddenly.

St. Boniface Meetings

Weekly Meetings at Wood Center. 3pm Fridays. (Suspended during Summers) Monitor the Winter's Gate Facebook page for announcements.



All official communications must be posted on the Yahoo E-group list.
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(Dates, generally cannot conflict with the 6 Kingdom Crown events or 2 Coronets)

November 9-10 St Boniface Collegium Liam the Archer

Students & Teachers of the Arts & Sciences! With winter coming, St. Boniface prepares to host our Fall Collegium. Now is a great time learn and teach what skills we may to pass the journey to spring. Join us at University of Alaska Fairbanks for two days of classes, learning, and camaraderie. A detailed description of classes will be forthcoming.

Event is free.
Food: Contributions for a potluck will be gladly welcomed. Please contact the autocrat for further information.

Site Information:
Saturday: 10-6, the 4th floor (second story) of the Gruening Building on the UAF campus (1745 So. Chandalar Dr, Fairbanks AK)
Sunday: 10-5, the University Park Building just off campus. (1000 University Ave, Fairbanks, AK)

Autocrat: Liam the Archer

Directions: Saturday: Make your best way to the corner of University Ave. and College Rd., then head up the hill going away from the gas station up Alumni Dr. Turn right at the first intersection at the top, then onto Chandalar via Tanana Loop. The Gruening Building is the huge grey concrete block building, and parking is free on weekends.

Sunday: From the same intersection, head south on University Ave. until you cross the train tracks. On your right is an old elementary school. We will be in the gym around back. If the front parking lot is closed, the back should be accessible via Sandvick St.(first right after the tracks).

Class list:

---Intro to Armor and Armor Making: Covers SCA armor standards, and the basics of how to make it and where to get it.
---Intro to Embroidery: Learn the 7 basic stitches to decorate anything you please. (Materials fee $5)
---Bead a Cup Cover: How to attach a beaded edging to a cloth cup cover, a very useful object that you can then embroider with all the stitches learned in the previous class.
---Intro to Heraldry: Learn how a "coat of arms" is designed, and create your own.
---The Hedeby Coat: a recreation of a men's Viking Age coat. The archaeological find will be discussed, along with how to pattern and construct one.
---Make a Leather Pouch (there may be a materials fee up to $10 depending on what supplies you use)
---Intro to Spinning: Learn to create yarn from wool fiber
---Make a Tablet-woven belt: Weave a Viking-Era pattern and walk out with a belt. (materials fee of $5 may apply depending on supplies used)
---A Basic Tunic: learn how to make yourself a T-tunic, the perfect basic garment for most of human history, as well as how it was modified through various eras.
---Make a Basic Tunic: Construct the tunic that was designed in the previous class. Bring an old sheet (Value Village is a good source). A few will be available for those who can't get one.
---A Viking Apron-dress: How to construct a women's Viking Age dress.
---What is the SCA? An intro to its history and etiquette.

---Fighting 101: an introduction to the techniques of SCA heavy fighting.
---An Intro to Medieval Food: What did they eat? You'd be surprised how many dishes haven't changed much over the centuries.
---Intro to Silk Painting: learn how to paint on silk to make beautiful banners (materials fee $3)
---Medieval Dancing: learn a few basic dances.

Class Schedule:

10-11: Room 1: A Basic Tunic (Ellisif)
Room 2: Tabletweaving and consults available for shoes (Gisla)

11-12: Room 2: Leather Pouch (Gisla)
Room 3: Apron dress (Elena)

12-1:30: Lunch and tour of Pop-Con

1:30-2:30: Room 1: Make the tunic (Ellisif)
Room 3: Hedeby Coat (Elena)
Room 4: Heraldry (Khevron)

2:30-3:30: Room 2: Armor (Hallbiorn)
Room 3: Embroidery (Margery/Quinn)
Room 4: What is the SCA (Adriana)

3:30-4:30: Room 3: Cup Covers (Elfwyn)

4:30-5:30: Room 1: Spinning (Ellisif)

11: Classroom: open for continuing work on projects & garb consultations

12-1: Classroom: Medieval food (Ellisif) bring lunch! Snacks will be provided.

1-3:Gym: Intro to fighting (Hallbiorn)
Classroom: Silk painting (Margery)

3-5: Gym: Dancing (Sapphira).
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November 23 Bjarnarstrondr Winter's Return

1296 Agvik, Utqiagvik, AK
Event starts at 12 noon, closes at 9 PM
Directions to site: Utqiagvik is on the shores of the Arctic Ocean. If you don't live here, you'll be flying in and will need a ride to site, so please call the autocrat for help with local transportation and hospitality. November weather is unpredictable, flights often are delayed or cancelled... and you might get stuck here longer than expected.

Autocrat: - Mary Beth Fuesting

Description of event: It's party time in the far North. The snow is flying, the winds are howling, and the sun has gone into hiding. What's a person to do other than enjoy the good company of friends? The day's activities include working on A&S projects, sharing stories and playing games. The feast will be a potluck; please bring a dish, with ingredient list, that will feed at least 8.

December 28 Yule Melinda

12 noon-10pm

The Barony of Winter's Gate invites the populace to join us for a Yule celebration and feast. Join in the merriment as we crown our Bean King and compete in the Boar's Head competition. Enjoy stories and games as we celebrate the rebirth of the sun.

Event Steward: Melinda of Winter's Gate

Location: Walden Estates Community Center: 1108 Hampstead Ave Fairbanks AK 99701

Directions: Take best route to Johansen Expressway in Fairbanks. Exit at Danby Rd. Turn right onto Bainbridge Blvd. The Community center is at the intersection of Bainbridge and Hampstead.

Gate Fee: Adult Event Registration: $15, Adult Member Discount Event Registration: $10. Children 16 and under are free

We will be having a traditional Winter's Gate pot luck, with a meat dish provided by the Barony. Site is very discreetly wet. Information about competitions and whims will be published as soon as they are available.


Think about hosting a traditional or new event for 2020!

January 17-19 Principality Winter Coronet Selviergard
St. Therese's Camp Alaska

February 15 Winter Revel

February 18-24 Estrella War

March 9-16 Gulf Wars

April 25 Spring Revel

May 30 Spring Captaincy

July 1-5 West-AnTir War

July 17-19 Principality Summer Coronet

July 24 - August 9 Pennsic War

September 4-6 Harvest Revel

October 24 Samhain

December 26 Yule

See the Principality Calendar
or the West Kingdom Calendar for events in other areas.