Winter's Gate Upcoming Meetings and Events

The following is a list of baronial events for the upcoming months. When more details are known, they will be either listed here, on the Yahoo Groups list-serve. Any questions about any upcoming events, what to expect, what to bring and any transportation issues should be directed toward the list. If you'd like to know what is going on in the rest of the Principality (the State of Alaska), please visit the Principality's Event Calendar. All are welcome at these events, and if you have questions or need clothing or other gear, please contact the Chatelaine, the Seneschal or the autocrat of the activity.
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Weekly Fighter Practices - ___[CHECK E-List/Facebook for Current INFO]___ From 1:00pm til 5pm (or later) at University Park Building (UAF) on University Avenue. Go around the back and into the Gym. Non-fighters Always Welcome, bring a snack, a project or just yourself!

In Winter, location is the University Park Building ('round back in the gym, U-Park Building, University Ave, Fairbanks). In Summer, at Growden Park on Wilbur Street. -Subject to change.
Sunday, May 27th - No practice - Selviergard 15 Year Event
Sunday, June 3rd- Practice at Growden Park! 1-3 p.m.
Sunday, June 10th - Practice at Growden Park! 1-3 p.m.
Sunday, June 17th - No regular practice - Spring Captaincy

Recurring Monthly Events

Business Meetings - Last Tuesday of each month, -- At the Blue Room - Alaskaland/Pioneer Park Centennial Hall Third Floor OR Pizza Hut on Airport Way at Wilbur.
. Check list-serve.

Arts and Sciences - 3rd Sunday of the month, at Fighter Practice. See A & S page for Competition information!
Note that the Yahoo E-group list will maintain current schedules if they change suddenly.

St. Boniface Meetings

Weekly Meetings at Wood Center. 3pm Fridays. (Suspended during Summers) Monitor the Winter's Gate Facebook page for announcements.



All official communications must be posted on the Yahoo E-group list.
(as an archive, and also because not everyone is on Facebook)


June 8-10 Known World Heralds and Scribal Symposium (Kingdom of Æthelmearc)

June 16 Spring Captaincy / Winter's Gate 40 Year

It is with great excitement that the plans are coming together for an EPIC weekend !!
The weekend of June 15-18, and the Anderson Campground, come join us for a celebration of Winter's Gate 40 year anniversary and our Spring Captaincy tournament.
On Friday night there will be a Baroness's Champion Tourney! This is a reawakening of the Baroness's Champion, we have not had one for many seasons! This will be a bear pit style fight that will start shortly after 11 and be going till at least after midnight. Because here in the land of the midnight sun, we can have that much fun!!! This will be in addition to the Tundra Weasel Traveling Tavern games, and The Cock and Bull North grilled cheese and shenanigans!

Saturday Morning we will have a QUEST! ! ! !
Teams of people will complete this quest. Each team needs a "Treasure" (child) to lead the team, a "Defender" and a "Scholar". This will be a blast! While the Treasure and the Scholar are completing tasks the Defender will need to protect them from watery grenades!!

Saturday afternoon – Following the Quest activities will be the Captaincy Tournament! Heavy fighters come join us and exercise your prowess to see who will be the next Baronial Captain of the Guard.

Following the Captaincy tournament, at the Tundra Weasel Al Fresco Lounge - there will be a Baroness's Tea open to the populace!! Everyone in the populace is strongly encouraged to come, and please bring your stories and your companionship to share with the Baronesses of Winter's Gate. With this also being a 40th year celebration, we want to celebrate our history and our present beautiful inspirations who sit on our Baronial seats! Come and enjoy your seats of honor! Baroness Elena, Baroness Cemper, Baroness Margery, Baroness Morganna.

Archery will be going on Saturday during the daytime also. The exact schedule for this will be decided and announced at the event.

Paige School is getting a massive reboot!! This is an engaging, entertaining, and encompassing program for the young and the young at heart. Come talk to us about what the Page School is and decide how much you or the “treasures” in your household want to participate. Also, we will be asking fighters, administrators and others to accept page school participants to assist them in a variety of tasks.

Saturday evening – there will be a great feast, at no extra charge to the populace, that will be held in the Tundra Weasel Traveling Tavern and Al Fresco Lounge! So, save your food stores and join us for a family gathering dinner under the red and black canopy.

Saturday night we will be honored to have some amazing bardic entertainment!! Gather round the bardic fire and enjoy our bardic legends as they are presented to the masses, and bring stories of your own to share, (positive stories) of Winter's Gate and / or your own SCA memories that have spanned the years.

The announcement from the Tundra Weasel Traveling Tavern and Al Fresco Lounge. (They will also be hosting a feast on Saturday night – at no extra cost to the populace!!)
It is with great pleasure that House Tundra Weasel would like to announce the opening of the HOUSE TUNDRA WEASEL TRAVELLING TAVERN and AL FRESCO LOUNGE.
We are excited to start this new venture at the Winter Gate’s 40th year Celebration and Spring Captaincy. We will be providing simple breakfast, lunch, Dinner, snacks and beverages FREE TO ALL who wish to join us. You can find us under the red and black canopy.

Tavern Schedule
FRI- 9am- till? Respite, food, and drinks provided all day long to rejuvenate you from the long trek and tidiness of setting up your encampment.
Friday evening
The first ever Captaincy of the gourd tavern tourney
Champions and Consorts please sign up at the tavern Friday
(if you do not have a consort we can provide one)
Start time TBD
Saturday 8am -8pm
Food drink and fun available all day
Sunday 8am – till the last patron has left the tavern.
Food drink and fun available all day
~ House Tundra Weasel

Sunday will be court and then allowing people to pack up and say farewell, until next time.

Site Fee:
Adult $20 ($5 discount SCA membership)
Child (ages 6 – 17) $10.
Family Cap $60

July 4-8 An-Tir - West War XXXIII

July 20-22 Summer Coronet Hrafnafjordr/Funny River Community Center Soldotna, AK (Facebook Event page)- Silvia of Thrace

July 27-August 12 Pennsic War 47 Pennsic War Event Page

August 31 - September 1-3 Brammer Games and Fall Rapier Captaincy/Commandercy - Cemper
Come and enjoy the games of the Scottish Moors! The Brammer Games, including Winter's Gate Rapier Captaincy and Lammas, which will honor our Harvest of the Wheat, will all be celebrated! The event will be a camping event so get your pavillion ready! A Partial Feast will be provided accompanying a Pot-luck.
Autocrats Whim: Bread in any form. Documentation is preferred but don't let that stop you from entering your delicious bread.
More information coming! Check your owls and carrier pigeons for further news!
YIS, Cemper

October 3-8 Great Western War XXI

October 13 Michaelmas Feast

November Collegium 10-11 (to confirm) (UAF schedule)

December 29 Yule/New Years


January 18-20 Winter Coronet

June 21-23 West Kingdom June Crown Tournament - Oertha! Palmer State Fairgrounds - Caitriona & Clair-Elena

July 19-21 Summer Coronet

See the Principality Calendar
or the West Kingdom Calendar for events in other areas.