Winter's Gate Upcoming Meetings and Events

The following is a list of baronial events for the upcoming months. When more details are known, they will be either listed here, on the Yahoo Groups list-serve. Any questions about any upcoming events, what to expect, what to bring and any transportation issues should be directed toward the list. If you'd like to know what is going on in the rest of the Principality (the State of Alaska), please visit the Principality's Event Calendar. All are welcome at these events, and if you have questions or need clothing or other gear, please contact the Chatelaine, the Seneschal or the autocrat of the activity.
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Weekly Fighter Practices - ___[CHECK E-List/Facebook for Current INFO]___ From 1:00pm til 5pm (or later) at University Park Building (UAF) on University Avenue. Go around the back and into the Gym. Non-fighters Always Welcome, bring a snack, a project or just yourself!

In Winter, location is the University Park Building ('round back in the gym, U-Park Building, University Ave, Fairbanks).

In Summer, at Growden Park on Wilbur Street. -Subject to change due to Weather and availability.

Recurring Monthly Events

Business Meetings - Last Tuesday of each month, -- See e-list for location.
. Check list-serve.

Arts and Sciences - 3rd Sunday of the month, at Fighter Practice. See A & S page for Competition information!
Note that the Yahoo E-group list will maintain current schedules if they change suddenly.

St. Boniface Meetings

Weekly Meetings at Wood Center. 3pm Fridays. (Suspended during Summers) Monitor the Winter's Gate Facebook page for announcements.



All official communications must be posted on the Yahoo E-group list.
(as an archive, and also because not everyone is on Facebook)


(Dates, generally cannot conflict with the 6 Kingdom Crown events or 2 Coronets)

Think about hosting a Traditional or New event for 2020!

Usual Events: Love/Hearts Revel (February), Olio (March), Fools Revel (April), Captaincy (May), Harvest Revel (September), Michaelmas Feast (October), Collegium (November), Yule (December).

February 15 Carnevale Sapphira

Carnevale is here! Come drive away the winter blues and let off some pent-up energy with the friendly folks of Winter's Gate. Starting in medieval days (and continuing to contemporary time) Carnevale aka Karneval aka Fasching aka Carnival aka Masopust aka Fastnacht aka Vastenavond aka Mardi Gras was a time for fun and frivolity before the Lenten season put an end to all that foolishness. The day's activities will include whims and contests in the spirit of Carnevale (details to follow). Feast is a potluck with a meat dish (hey, it's Carnevale) provided by the Barony. Site is extremely discreetly damp.

In the spirit of generosity, we will be collecting donations for the Fairbanks Food Bank.

Event fee: Adult non-member $15, Adult member $10, youth under 18 free.

When: Site opens at noon, closes at 10 PM

Where: Walden Community Center, 1108 Hampstead Ave, Fairbanks AK 99701

Directions: Take your best route to Johansen Expressway, exit at Danby, turn right on Bainbridge, site is at the intersection of Bainbridge and Hampstead.

Event Steward/Autocrat: Sapphira the Navigator

February 18-24 Estrella War XXXVI Baroness Elena Attending

March 14-22 Gulf Wars XXIX Baron Hans & Baroness Elena Attending

April 25-26 Feast of St. Walpurgis Collegium Cemper

Join us as we travel back in time to the Convent at Wimborne, the first scholarly home of St. Walpurgis!
St. Walpurgis was a Saint acquired from the pagan holiday “May-Day”, she was known for her emphasis on scholasticism. She founded a convent that was academic by nature, and the residents produced beautiful artwork, and eventually became Superintendent of Heideman monastery.
The Feast of St. Walpurgis event focuses on workshops that are hands on and are beyond the Introductory Level. The symposium will be in depth rather than breadth, each workshop will be at least 3 hours long. The symposium is not a collection of lectures but rather focused on utilizing skills or expanding upon those who have some familiarity with the topics.
Workshops will have fees that cover materials and the teachers will be providing a list of materials needed. There may be limited availability in some classes. Students will need to pre-register for all of the workshops, so all the instructors know how many copies of information and what supplies will be needed to bring.
Since the classes are workshop oriented there will be no “auditing” (not paying the fee and just watching or listening). Workshops will be hands-on, teachers will need to be able to focus on those who are making items and may need a teacher’s direct one-on-one assistance.
There will also be workshops for the children, one on sewing small animal toys which children can keep them or donate for largess. Mistress Margery will also be conducting workshops focused on the requirements of the Page School.
There will be a “Foolish Competition” as part of the feast entertainment.
An Artisan’s Auction will be conducted on Sunday.
Current Projected Workshops (This List Will Change Before the Event) But we are working hard to finalize things so we all can plan.

* Cook’s Class and Feastocrating - This will be all day and will end in a feast for the event.
* Scroll and Illumination:
* Children’s Animals:
* Thorsberg Pants:
* Card Weaving:
* Sewing Fur projects: (tentative)
* Page School:
* Arrow Making:
* Fighter’s Workshop:
* Liqueur Making: (tentative)
* SCA A&S Documentation for competitions:
* Medieval Correspondence
* Joy of the Hall!
* History of Italian Lyric Poetry & Sephardic Music (tentative).
* Spices and Spice Mixtures: (tentative)
* Sewing with Fur:

Teachers! Follow this Link if you are teaching a Workshop!

Times: Site opens April 25th at 8:30 am, Workshops start at 9:00 am Site closes April 26th at 5:00 pm.

Place: Tanana Lodge Masonic Hall, 402 11th Ave, Fairbanks, AK

Registration Fee, Adults 18+: $30.00 Members enjoy $5. discount.
Youth ages 11-17: $5.00 children 10 and under free.
Site fee does not cover class costs.
Site fee does include feast!! Yum!
More information to follow on classes, their supply lists and costs.

Directions: Make your best way to AK-2, Airport Rd, Fairbanks. Turn onto Noble Rd. Turn left at the 3rd cross street onto 11th Ave. The Masonic Hall will be on your right.

Steward Contact:

Baroness Cemper at: OR Baroness Talorc at India.Brink@gmail

Class postings for Feast of St. Walpurgis!
Whitney of Utqiaġvik: Working with Fur. Fur is warm, cozy and beautiful. Students will make outer fur mittens and will make inner mittens if time allows. Students will need to bring their workshop supplies to class as supplies will not be available to purchase at the workshop. Class limit: 6 people
Students will need to bring to class:
Fur: At least 2 rabbit skin sized fur pieces per hand per mitten. One lined mitten will require 2 pieces for the outside and 2 for the inside.
Leather: .8-1 mm 11”x 11” or 1 hand sized piece per mitten
Leather working needles: Straight or curved is fine
Pliers: Jewelry is best but any will do-these are used to pull the needle through if needed.
Seam ripper
Fee: $2.00 covers sinew, markers, pattern making materials.

Mistress Kinehild: SCA A&S Documentation:
RESEARCH IS THE BATTLE CRY! Let's talk about research and documentation as it applies to the SCA. What makes a good source? How do you structure your documentation? What are the ancient and arcane secrets of the Turabian system? Woo research!!

Mistress Kinehild: Medieval Correspondence:
This class will look at one of the classic manuals of letter writing (Anonymous of Bologna’s Rationes dictandi, c. 1135) as well as examine extant letters from the early, high, and late middle ages before practicing drafting our own letters. We'll also *briefly* touch on appropriate styles of calligraphy, the matter of signatures, and ways to send letters in the SCA.

Mistress Kinehlld: Joys of the Hall:
Join us for a discussion of the "Joys of the Hall" in early Germanic cultures. Topics covered will include drinking practices, etiquette, games, and other practices. Sources discussed will include Anglo-Saxon poetry, Old Norse sagas and eddic poetry, and continental sources. Please bring a mug and something to drink.

May 30 Spring Captaincy

June 6-7 Three Baron's Fair (Eskalya)

June 13-14 Three Baron's Fair (Eskalya)

July 1-5 West-AnTir War XXXV Baroness Elena Attending

July 17-19 Principality Summer Coronet

July 24 - August 9 Pennsic War 49

September 4-6 Harvest Revel

October 5-12 Great Western War Baroness Elena Attending

October 24 Samhain

December 26 Yule

See the Principality Calendar
or the West Kingdom Calendar for events in other areas.