Winter's Gate Fighter Info:
Winter's Gate is always looking for a few good fighters! Heavy or Rapier! - people willing to pick up the sword and shield from whatever time period they may have interest in and fighting with honor. Even in our small group here in Fairbanks, we've seen many different styles of fighters come, go or stay. So chances are, no matter what medieval style of fighting you may have interest in, we'll be able to connect you with an expert in the practice of that particular style or at least point you in the right direction.
Those looking to join the ranks of our fighters should attend one of our weekly fighter practices. During this time demonstrations and lessons can be held for novice fighters yearning to try the armor on and some loaner armor is available. If you're an experienced SCA fighter, don't feel left out - we look forward to all new challenges that may cross our paths.

Fighter Practices are essential, not only to maintain ones fighting abilities and hone new skills but also as a way to learn the rules and regulations that make SCA fighting safe and fun. It is required that all new fighters get registered and carded so that it is known that you can fight correctly and safely and within the rules or our Kingdom.

Above all, even if you're not interested in fighting and just want to watch, come meet & greet and have some fun. Please feel free to stop by any of our upcoming Fighter Practices!

Fighter Practice Schedule: See "Events" Page In Winter, location TBA).
In Summer, at Growden Park on Wilbur Street or North Pole 5th Avenue Park.