Winter's Gate Baronial Officers

College of St. Boniface Officers below.

Societal Names are presented first and some with mundane names following. Email addresses are presented as images to combat spam - sorry for the inconvenience. If you're interested in any of our vacant positions (bottom of page), please contact the officer (for deputies) or the Seneschal.

Baron & Baroness

Hans Shaffer and Elena verch Rhys

Court of
Their Excellencies Hans and Elena:

Ladies in Waiting:
Margery Garret, Merewyn of Ynys Taltraeth,
Lucia Anastasia de la Mar, Aurelia daCanal

Baroness' Guardsmen:
Fearghus mac Gyllfynnan, Ellisif a Reikiavik,
Astrid of Winter's Gate, Hakim al-Basim ibn Rashid

Tristan Duncansson

Officer Corps

Seneschale & Deputy Seneschale
Sapphira the Navigator

Arts & Sciences

Cemper O'Breoniann
Deputy - Elisheva bint Sitt al-Sirr
Deputy - Gisla Œšikollr
Deputy - Fearghus mac Gyllfynnan


Talorc Caer Arianrhold
Deputy - OPEN


(Contact/Welcome Person)
Talorc Caer Arianrhold
Deputy Elisheva bint Sitt al-Sirr
Gold Key (Deputy Chatelaine)

Estoile Pursuivant Herald

Elisheva bint Sitt al-Sirr
Deputy: Khevron Oktavii

Knight Marshal

Sir Culann Mac Cianain
Deputy: Open  
Rapier Marshal
Ellisif a Reikiavik
Deputy: OPEN
Archery Marshal
Liam the Archer

Chronicler [The Gatekeeper]

Cemper O'Breoniann
Deputy: OPEN


Margery Garret
Deputy Position: OPEN  


Hans Shaffer
Deputy Position: OPEN  


Khevron Oktavii (Donovan Goertz)
Deputy Position: OPEN  

Lists Minister

Erin the Obvious
Deputy: Magdalina Georg'eva Oshitkovna Ochakovicha

College of St. Boniface Officers


Officer Corps

Liam the Archer
Rafial Viaschlav

Arts & Sciences

Ellisif a Reikiavik

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