Baronial Arts & Sciences This is a current list of upcoming Baronial Arts & Sciences events with interspersed information about local events as well - please consult our local events page for more information about those major events. Have something to contribute? Contact us!

Baronial A&S Competition Schedule:

Winterís Gate A&S Competitions both Adult and Junior Competitions

Holiday Treats and Fantastic Four Largess Derby: Yule-12/15/2017

Fermented and brewed items: Heartís Revel-2/18/2018

Scribal Work and Scroll Derby: (Olio)-3/5/18

Purposeful Pouches: Foolís Revel-4/28/2018

Roses in any form: Spring Captaincy (Heavy)-5/16/2018

Armor Up! Gear made for Heavy and Rapier: Fall Captaincy (Rapier)-9/01/18

Artwork on any surface: Collegium-11/18

What to do with Fiber: Woven Items: Michaelmas- 10/17/2018

All Things Bright: Metalwork: Yule-12/29/2018

There will be prizes for those who enter 7, 8 or all 9 competitions with the exclusion of the Largess Derbies.

These are Baronial A&S Competitions.
Thank you! Baroness Cemper, A&S Minister

Arts and Sciences Local Websites of Interest:

Baron Khevron's Roll of Arms site - local heraldry!

Additional classes throughout the year are available as well - and details can be found on our Yahoo! Groups listserve.