The Barony of Winter's Gate is the Northern Alaskan chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism. Our members study and recreate aspects of the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

Khevron and Merewyn, Baron and Baroness of Winter's Gate

The Barony of Winter's Gate is an area that covers all of Northern-Alaska and claims the region(s) known as the "Russias" (East of the Urals), on the Asian Continent. This Barony is within the Principality of Oertha in the West Kingdom of the Organization known as Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA).

Within the barony, there is the College of St. Boniface which covers the University of Alaska, Fairbanks -a.k.a. the Students for Creative Anachronism Campus Club.

Also, there is the recently formed (2018) Canton of Bjarnarstrond) protecting the Northern coastal regions of the Barony of Winter's Gate. This Canton is the Northernmost branch of the SCA!
Centered in Utqiagvik (fka Barrow), AK. If you live there, contact us!

Also, there is "Area formerly known as" the Cantref Ynys Taltraeth (fka 'Moroedd Oer') protecting the island and Western coastal regions of the Barony of Winter's Gate (Organized in 1998).
If you live in Kotzebue or Nome, you are part of the Canton of Bjarnarstrond.

Find our (New 12/2021) group and our listserve on Groups.io.

To the upper right you'll see our Coat of Arms for the Barony, described as "Per fess indented sable estoilly argent, and argent, in base a laurel wreath sable"
For more local heraldry work, please visit Baron Khevron's Roll of Arms page!

The GATEKEEPER - Newsletter of the Barony

The Barony of Winter's Gate does DEMOS on occasion, with Renaissance Dancing, Armored Combat, or talks in costume on various medieval subjects. Please contact the local Chatelaine or Seneschal for these activities

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