History of the Barony of Winter's Gate

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Basic Facts and History of Winter's Gate

Newsletter: “The Gatekeeper”
Herald: Estoile Pursuivant

List of the Captains and Hearts of Winter's Gate

List of the Commanders and Lights of Winter's Gate

List of the Fools of Winter's Gate

Fealty Scrolls - New!

History of Winter's Gate:
First Event August, A.S. XIII (1978)
The Battle of Brown Water - 'first War in what would become Oertha'
Spring of 1979 (AS XIII)

Heraldry Registered November, A.S. XIV (1979)

[Photo of Form from July, 1979]

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Petitioned to become a Province:

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Made a Province, May A.S. XVI (1981)
College of St. Boniface Heraldry Registered November, A.S. XIV (1979)

College Established (1980)

Petitioned to become a Barony:

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Winter's Gate Made a Barony A.S. January A.S. XVIII (1984)
Founding Baroness
Morgana yr Oerfa
from January 29, A.S XVIII (1984)

Canton Ynys Taltraeth Organized September, A.S. XXXII (1997)

First Event: Spring Matsch Kolben, April, A.S. XXXII (1998)

Canton Heraldry Registered May, XXXV (2001)

Baroness & Baron
Morgana and Taran
from April 17, A.S XXXIII (1999) to July 20, A.S. XXXVII (2002)

Baron & Baroness
Khevron and Morgana
July 20, A.S XXXVII (2002) to April 23, A.S. XXXIX (2005)

Baron & Baroness
Griffin and Margery
from April 23, A.S. XXXIX (2005) to April 16, A.S. XLV (2011)

Baroness Gwyneth
from April 16, A.S. XLV (2011) to July 20, A.S. XLVIII (2013)

Baron & Baroness
Braun and Cempestra
from July 20, A.S. XLVIII (2013)