The Gatekeeper - the newsletter of the Barony of Winter's Gate
This page will host online versions of the Gatekeeper, full of information about local events, research, reviews of medieval sources both online and local - in short, your informative destination for everything SCA in Winter's Gate!

Archived 1981-Current Gatekeepers (hosted on another site)

If you have paper Gatekeepers not yet archived at this site, please contact Khevron so they can be scanned and displayed. They are our best link to our History!

The Current Baronial Charter:

Baronial Charter 2011

We're working on updating this charter to reflect Awards we've been giving, as well as asking for the populace to ratify some new awards.
Here is a list and explanation of the Changes:

Baronial Charter Edit information

Polling at the February 8 Baronial Business Meeting!