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Baronial Awards
Taken from "The Gatekeeper", October/November 1996
By Morgana yr Oerfa, Baroness Winter's Gate

Have you ever wondered what all those initials mean following someone's name, like above? Commonly called Alphabet Soup, they indicate which awards someone has received. Awards can be given by Kings and Queens, Princes and Princesses, and landed Barons and Baronesses (which is what I am). One usually starts out being recognized at their local level, and gradually work up (from barony to principality to kingdom).
The Barony of Winter's Gate has a handful of awards that are given by me (in my capacity as Baroness) when appropriate at baronial courts, usually at May and Harvest Captaincy events (although they can be given at any official event).

Badge for the Estoile

The most prestigious is the Order of the Estoile, given for long-term service to the Barony. People receiving this award have usually been members of the barony for several years, have held one or more offices, are often instrumental in keeping the baronial activities on track, and are examples for all to follow.

Badge for the Silver Swan

For excellence in the arts and sciences, there is the Order of the Silver Swan, given not only to those who produce arts and sciences that clothe us, feed us, armor us, and entertain us, but also to the historians who research, teach and publish.

The Order of the Stout Heart (Closed Order) was given to those hardy souls who, although not members of the Barony, have traveled frequently to our isolated lands, have aided, encouraged (and sometimes incited) us in war and peace, and have generally been our friends, especially back in ancient times when it was not politically wise to be such a friend.

The Honorary Citizenship is given to friends of the Barony, have traveled frequently to our isolated lands. Now Friend of the Barony.

Badge for the Bear Claw

The Companions of the Bear Claw are those who have displayed ferocity on the field of combat or war.

Badge for the Gilded Lily

Another fighting award is the Gilded Lily, given for exceptional deaths on the field. The Lily and Bear Claw were designed to be awarded as often as deserved, and recipients are entitled to display a gold lily or a bear paw somewhere on his or her armor (on the helm was the practice in early baronial history). Neither has been given for some time, but I would certainly like to see these qualities displayed on the field so they could be acknowledged.

Created to be given when deemed appropriate, and as often as earned, is the Baroness' Recognition, which I started to thank people for work done in the last six months or so, that I might have had had to do if they hadn't been there.

How do people receive them, you ask? First, I keep an eye on the members of the Barony, watching who does what. I also confer with previous recipients of the awards to get their opinions on my suggestions and to find out what they might have observed that I missed. And anyone can recommend someone for any of those awards. You can either speak with me at events or meetings, call me, or put your recommendations in writing. I am always glad to talk to people about the awards, and to have people recommended. It's one of the more pleasurable aspects of being Baroness: being able to recognize the activities of people!

Further Awards and information:

Earned Honors or Positions are:
Heavy Fighter:
Captain of Winter's Gate The warrior who wins the Captaincy Heavy Tournament
Upon release from the position of Captain, the fighter become a Companion of the Polar Bear.
Heart of Winter's Gate The Captain's Consort
Upon release from the position of Heart, the inspiration become a Companion of the Snowdrop.

Rapier Fighter:
Commander of Winter's GateThe Rapier Fighter who wins the Rapier Tournament
Upon release from the position of Commander, the fighter become a member of the Order of the Arctic Fox.
Light of Winter's GateThe Commander's Consort
Upon release from the position of Heart, the inspiration become a member of the Order of the Shooting Star.

For the Above Tournaments, one or the other of the fighter and consort must be a resident of the Barony.

Fool of Winter's Gate Appointed by the Baron and Baroness or by Competition.

See "History" <---- tab for lists of past holders of these honors.

More recent awards:

The Order of Atlas: Given to people who work quietly in the background. The token is a piece of material with an atlas painted on it, meant to be worn as a belt token. Current recipients are charged to pass the recognition on to new recipients.
When passed or received from another, please inform the Baron, Baroness or Herald so it can be recorded and tracked.

Badge for the Silver Star

for Children excelling in Service or Arts - a bead added to the initial award for further achievements.

Badge for the Pewter Pot

The Pewter Pot
Given for excellence in the researching and preparation of good Period food.

Pearl of Chivalry
Given for acts of Courtesy and Chivalry. Can be bestowed multiple times.

Order of the Crystal Heart
To recognize in children examples of grace, dignity, and willingness to do great service.

Court Retinue Positions and honors:

Baroness' Heavy Champion

Baroness' Rapier Champion

Baroness' Archery Champion

Baroness' Arts & Sciences Champion

Baroness' Ladies and Escort and Artisans.

Usually come with a belt-favor in the chosen form or style of the Baroness.